NeweraHPC is a community driven effort for making smart computers a reality and creating smart networks.
Computers are changing and have become incredibly faster. But the question that follows is wether everyone should have such powerful machines and if everyone has what to do with these extremely powerful machines.
The power we are talking is in terms of ability of a computer to perform very complex tasks that to scaled at various number of logical processing units.
We need to create smarter working environments where we can harvest the power of the computer and make them work in coordination thus reducing the need of dedicated computers for various operations. Imagine a world where there is no longer the need of huge and power hungry data centers because the machines connected on the network through internet are themselves able to cater all the needs of computing.
The project is based on the philosophy of community sharing and smart interconnects which will power the future computing centers and still be more effective and power efficient.
There are various sub-projects that  will help in realizing this dream. First and the foremost is the core HPC(High Performance Framework) which will be the basis of all applications in the future. Applications will be inherently network aware and work in tight coordination and will be able to pool the resources of the computers available in the network. Second is the UI(User Interface) framework which will make a standard user interface for all the applications allowing applications to be accessible from the local machine as well as the internet over a browser without any compromise on features or functionalities.
Code for these projects are available on http://newerahpc.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/neweraHPC3